Basic Shotgun Class

In the Basic Shotgun Class, students will learn and understand the Universal rules of firearm safety and how to properly handle and fire a shotgun. Students will learn the proper stance, posture, grip, sight alignment and controlling recoil. Students will be introduce to shooting several types of shot shells such as Birdshot, Buckshot and Slug.


Intermediate Shotgun Class

The Intermediate course reviews topics covered in the basic class and introduces the 3 major types of firearm malfunctions. Students will then progress to learning how to safely fire from low ready and high ready positions. Students will learn acquiring targets with speed, threat assessment and different reloading methods. You will be taught how to use a shotgun in self-defense situations. Targets will include various papers, clays, metal targets.


Advanced Shotgun Class

The Advanced course is a cumulative class in which students will take everything they have learned and put them to use. This class will put students through different scenarios and include a timed element.  Students will learn how to shoot on the move, moving to/from cover, as well as the difference between cover and concealment. This course will include a timed element. Shooting techniques students learned in previous courses will be reinforced and will be applied to moving targets.


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