Basic Handgun Class

This practical  handgun class in an introductory course to the Fundamentals of Firearms Usage. In this course, the student will learn and understand the universal rules of firearm safety, the skills necessary to properly handle a revolver and semi-automatic pistol along with how the handgun operates. The hands-on training will begin with Proper Stance and Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control. The class will continue on to rapid fire shooting and multi-target drills using life-size paper silhouette targets.


Intermediate Handgun Class

The intermediate course will review the topics covered in the Basic Handgun Class and introduces the 3 major types of firearm malfunctions.  Students will progress to learning how to safely draw from holster, acquire targets with speed, threat assessment, double tap technique and reloading methods. The student will also learn various shooting techniques: one-arm shooting (dominant and off-hand), rapid reloading, malfunction drills, half-turns and full turns.


Advanced Handgun Class

The Advanced course is a cumulative class in which students will take everything they have learned and put them to use. This class will put students through different scenarios and include a timed element.  Students will learn how to shoot on the move, moving to/from cover, as well as the difference between cover and concealment. Utilizing tactics and techniques previously learned as well as adding new skills and new firing positions, such as kneeling, sitting and prone, you will be put to the test. Students will be challenged with various problem solving situations including learning how to think as you fire from cover, as you fire while moving and fire at moving targets. Targets include, but are not limited to, life-size silhouettes, metal plates and targets of various size, dueling trees, and bowling pins.


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