Memorial Day

Went to progunvegas to have some fun for Memorial Day. I got to shoot my stuff with suppressors and rented a full auto AK. good times =)


Ventura County CCL

Ventura County CCL process is better than ever with Permitium. If you live in Ventura County and want to get CCL  use the link below

IDPA match on Fathers day weekend

I brought some first timer to a local IDPA match. Everyone had fun and will probably do it again next month. I encourage everyone to go out there and give it a try. Local competition will make you a better shooter

Training in Vegas Memorial Day weekend


Did some training with friends from AZ in Boulder City at over the weekend. I was testing out my AR15 chambered in 762×39(AK ammo). Works great. I recommend this setup to everyone who dont want to pay for high price 223/556 ammo. 762 steel ammo is alot cheaper to shoot and this setup will only require buying a 762 upper and ar15-762 magazine to go with your existing AR15 lower. Shoot me an email if you need help building it [email protected]